I’m Confused – Am I a Mac Guy or Not?

I bought my shiny new MacBook Pro because I could finally have a laptop that let me run and/or test ALL the cool Podcast software out there. Be it Garageband on Mac OSX or the (I think I’m the only one who downloaded) AIM Pro on Parallels, I got the software I need all on one box.

If something comes out of Vista worth upgrading for, I’d love to, and now it looks like I can. I was pretty sure somebody out there could make it work.

So, my question, am I a Mac guy? Am I a PC user?

Wait a minute, I wrote this post on WordPress running on Linux – am I a Linux guy?

What am I? Anyone?

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  • http://www.motivationtomove.com Scott

    It’s OK Paul – we’ve all gone through this and survived. Beside – the PC “force” is strong and takes great strength to overcome.

    Still – you are a Mac guy – and we won’t hold it against you that you took so long to come around. We’re here to support you.

    How do I know you’re a Mac guy?

    The very fact that you have enough time left in your day to ponder this question can only mean one thing – your new Mac has made you super-productive and has taken away all the barriars that used to fill your time.

    PS – I’ve got 5 Macs running the 6 weekly Motivation To Move Podcasts ((www.motivationtomove.com) and website. We’re also launching a daily subsciption only podcast that will take us to 11 per week. The Mac and Automator really help to ease the workload.