Geoff Smith’s “Dynamic Album” Concept Is The FUTURE Of Content Delivery

Geoff Smith is the hardest working man in showbidness2.0.

His new album, “Ones and 0s,” will be in all the usual places soon iTunes, CDBaby, etc.

But you got an option right now / today that I want you to seriously consider – the DYNAMIC ALBUM of “Ones and 0s.”

In short, through the magic of RSS, Geoff Smith is delivering not just his album by RSS, and not just some “bonuses” by RSS, but he’s delivering a YEAR of additional content by RSS.

His audience just moved from customers to subscribers.

In a year, when the new album comes out, all Geoff has to do is push a message to his subscribers and, BAM, they’re in line for the next one.

In a year, when the new (insert big name artist here) album comes out, they’ll need a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to rise above all the noise.

Which path makes more sense to you?

Where would you rather spend your time and effort – the million dollar campaign to make sure people know your still alive – or serving your audience?

Embedded below is a quick walkthrough of the whole process / sites / etc (make sure to click the full screen option). Enjoy!

Video also available at YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Google, DailyMotion,, Veoh and Stupid Videos

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  • Mike

    Seems to be exactly like having your customers subscribe to your post-purchase email list, except it’s audio, which to me, makes it even more powerful.

    By offering to continue to provide content every two weeks for a year, he’s subliminally forced them to stay subscribed so they don’t miss anything and I will be stealing, er… copying that tactic.

    So now, instead of just offering an mp3 download of a teleseminar or other recoding, as a product, we should offer to “stream” some bonuses, instead of offering them in the traditional way, which was as one download. Most bonuses never got read anyway, so maybe this’ll be more powerful and actually get the bonuses listened to.

    The best part, for me, is that every audio product I create will be able to have a “list” of subscribers who anticipate further “mailings” from me and there’s no way an idiot can hit a Report AS SPAM button.

  • Mike

    BTW Paul, could you add the Subscribe to Comments plugin so we can keep up with posts we’ve commented on ?

    These posts are “evergreen” to an extent and comments that are helpful could come in long after we read and comment on them.

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  • Ed Healy

    You can also, now, serve books designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ZappTek is launching the service come Friday with some titles from Mike Stackpole. Coupling iTunes distribution with delivery designed for the iPhone and iPod sounds like a powerful publishing option. I hope it works out – more options for creators means more choice for consumers, which I’m all for.

    I wrote a short comment on it here: