BlogWorld 2010 Takehomes

This won’t be anywhere near as critical as last year’s post because, simply, things have changed. We have grown up, are a bit more focused, are a little less obsessed with the good old days, and are on our way to the truly awesome. A few thoughts:

  • There is no new media / long live new media. I think it was Penn who told us all that THERE IS NO NEW MEDIA. Where I completely agree with what he had to say, I had to laugh that it was New Media that made his comment possible. We do have something very different here and as soon as we understand what it all means, we’re going to be in some pretty amazing places. Confused yet? You should be. I still am, and this is something we have to sort out. There was more conversation from my peers about silly semantics of the “dropping of the word Podcasting” or the “confusion of the term digital broadcasting” than anyone needed to hear. Why don’t we figure out what this stuff means, and then we can give it a name. Goal of BlogWorld is to stuff as many people as is humanly possible into these classrooms so we can do amazing things together. We had private membership site owners in the real estate blogging sessions and we had Mommy Bloggers in my YouTube panel. Awesome.
  • We got friends with a little help to get by from. I didn’t hear a single person, from any format or company, afraid that someone would ‘steal’ their ideas or techniques. The sharing and mastermind of thousands at this event was off the charts and it is something you should be striving for at all costs. If you’re trying to sell your boss on this next year, forget pushing anything but this simple statement “the best of the best are all there and they’re willing to help.” If your boss doesn’t see the value of that, start surfing Craigslist. There are just too many options to make scarcity a variable.
  • BlogWorld needs to provide a better big picture. We’re writing the future, we’re learning from the best and we’re leaving Vegas with more actionable knowledge than we ever thought was possible. Yet, I saw too many people confused as to what sessions “were for them” and where they should be at any given time. @dave_blogworld gets this, told me some of his plans for handling it, and I want to be a part. To all session speakers and track directors, let’s work together to give everyone a killer action plan for 2011.
  • Bonus: Here’s a killer idea for a party next year. BlogWorld needs her parties and I won’t begrudge her that but one designed a bit more for the social and a bit less for the party could be the runaway hit of 2011. This isn’t a “turn down the music you darn kids” kinda comment, this is just a real piece of strategery (yes, I said strategery) that someone should grab next year. Imagine the buzz a party would get where deals were inked, partnerships made, and futures created. In short, make talking and networking a bigger focus than the music and … awesome.

I’m, as they say in Vegas, “All In” next year. I hope you’ll join me. Your thoughts? Your comments? Your take homes? Please leave them in the comments below.

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  • timhoven

    I totally agree with the 'quiet' party idea. The networking with people by screaming in their ear trying to be heard over the loud music is kind of a waste.

  • IWrite

    Thanks, Paul, for sharing your insights on BlogWorld 2010. I listened online to some of the keynotes and they were great, so appreciate your additional takehomes for those of us not there in person to take anything home. Next year I too will be “all in!”

  • Deb Ng

    Thanks for your thoughts, Paul. We really appreciate your participation in BlogWorld this year and look forward to working with you again next year.

    Oh and I hear you loud and clear on the party thing (and others have mentioned this as well) and will make sure this is discussed for next time around.

  • paulcolligan

    I think this should be the party that sponsors fight over. Imagine Tweet like “Thanks to the @Sony party, I'll be able to quit my day job.”

  • paulcolligan

    Great to hear we'll see you live – it's a lot better that way.

  • paulcolligan

    Let's not just discuss, let's make it a high point 😉 I really do believe this would be a gold mine for the right sponsor.

  • Deb Ng

    Well alright, then. Count on me to make it my mission!

  • paulcolligan

    There we go. Deb's on a MISSION people. DEBS ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Beeman

    One more vote for a good quiet networking party. The Travel Bloggers Exchange embraced this with their party at MGM as did your Profitable Podcaster Breakfast. Those were too events where I really felt like I got to meet the people and they got to meet me

  • paulcolligan


  • dave_blogworldexpo

    Paul, thanks so much for creating a killer panel for the, ehem, Digital Broadcasting track, and for being so thoughtful and passionate as an educator! 🙂

    As for the networking party, we actually had an evening networking reception at a previous BlogWorld on-site in the conference area. It was really convenient and easy for all to connect at the end of the day, and we've been planning to bring it back. Well, I can tell you that we had a team meeting today, and it's DEFINITELY coming back for the next event!

    Additionally, we'll keep incorporating an outdoor poolside party as well. That serves a dual purpose: fun evening environment and an easy-to-hear-each-other mixer in one. These are actually my favorite, truth be told. Perhaps because I'm an outdoorsy person, or simply because after a full day inside the conference area, it's nice to get out for some fresh air and open sky, you know? I like these because it's much easier to talk, there is no ceiling or walls to reflect sound, and it makes for a nice place to meet new friends, and be reunited with old ones. 8)

    All that said, even though I'm not a dancer (see the Seinfeld episode with Elaine dancing at a company party, and you'll have an idea of my skill level), it was really fun to visit Haze at the Aria Friday night and people watch, hang out and just “be” for a little while. Seems that with our busy lives, it's hard to find time to get out these days and when we have a nightclub night at BlogWorld, it's one of the few times I get to go somewhere that doesn't include crayons and a placemat to color in. Yes, sad but true, I and many of my nerdy friends have no social life, and we need to get out once in a while for some excitement! 😀

    To recap this recent event's networking features: we had a networking luncheon on Day 1, outdoor poolside mixer that night also, Day 2 was nightclub night, and Day 3 had a 2-hour networking reception on the show floor after sessions let out at 1:15pm. We definitely make networking opportunities a priority–we love it as much as you do.

    So for the next event, we'll add an afternoon networking reception at the end of the day's sessions, perhaps even on more than one day. We'd also like to explore a networking-friendly evening event in addition to the poolside one.

    Thanks very much for your feedback; we're not only listening, we're already meeting, discussing and planning just 4 days after the 2011 event dust has (barely) settled.

    Paul, I look forward to talking with you more about what's next. 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Dave Cynkin
    Co-Founder, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  • paulcolligan

    Did not know about this year's pool party. I'd suggest a few oths didn't as well. Maybe in the book this year, you put all the parties on a single page and what kind they are. Might help.

  • Shahar

    Paul, I totally agree with an extra kind of party. Guess great things could come from such a party.

  • paulcolligan

    Well, I know they're reading this so keep those comments coming.

  • Blog World Expo

    thanks for the post and some very good feedback Paul. We agree on the networking thing. Lunch was jam packed so a few people did hear about it =p. Everyone loves the pool side parties because they are quiet and folks can talk. We actually tried to do a social media breakfast but this year but weren't able to pull it off in time.

    I am committing right now we will have at least one more networking event for 2011.

    We agree on the schedule too. We have been working pretty closely with the guys at to make our conference schedule easier to use and understand. They are working on several very cool things but it is a huge undertaking. If anyone has any other apps they would like to recommend we are all ears.

    By the way, we believe Deb and Nikki have done an incredible job with their regular postings on the blog explaining the speaker process, selecting sessions, announcing party locations and new show features. We include all posts like that in the newsletter and you can find them all on the blog under the catagory blogworld2010. Of course next year will be blogworld2011.

    We tweet this stuff and post it on Facebook too. We have a way to go on LinkedIn still.

    Anywhere else we should be updating people?

  • paulcolligan

    I think the information was there, I think there was so much of it that the average person couldn't really make much sense of all of it.

    When we chatted on the phone, you remember how I was totally surprised about all of the different tracks, etc. I can't believe I was the only one.

    Something that helps someone bring it all together – maybe a cliffs notes? Heck, ebook/pdf guides for each of the tracks, etc.? Something like that.

    My mind works in such a way that I can sort through the massive amounts of information and figure out my track. Most people don't work that way (now matter how much I think they should). We need something for them.

    One sheet PDFs that they can print off and bring with them?

    I think a specific app for next year is due. Any of the sponsors would/should pay very well to get into that.

    Just random thoughts at this point.

  • web design company

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