BlogWorld New York 2011 – 5 Lessons Learned

Yes, I had a great time in New York this week. Watching Dave Letterman interview Lady Gaga was a highlight – as was experiencing Spiderman Turn Off The Dark (the reboot) – but this piece is about BlogWorld.

What did I learn? Here are the top 5 themes:

Apple’s App Store is worth all the hassle. As I wait patiently for my latest app to pass through the store, I tried to get the Apps Panel to complain about the Apple approval process. All of them had every reason to complain but, in the end, admitted that Apple’s quality control is what makes the store so awesome.

You have to match your market to message. The closing keynote event had plenty of problems but the biggest one was this – the market to message wasn’t clear at all. I’ll be working with the team to make sure we do better in November.

YouTube remains huge. Julie Perry’s YouTube session was one of the top attended sessions and I heard more about it than all the other sessions combined. I’m proud to announce now that in November, we’re going to dedicate an entire track to YouTube. Awesome.

Podcasting is quietly maturing. The HowStuffWorks Podcast presentation was one of my favorite. The hosts are doing it right, Discovery is doing it right, it’s happening at the right time. If you had any questions about Podcasting as a format, they would have gone away had you attended that session.

I have a ton of work to get ready for the November event. I have a TON of notes and thoughts about the November L.A. event and can’t wait to get to work on it. The L.A./Hollywood proximity (combined with a lot of Podcasters who just won’t forget the Ontario days) will bring a pretty exciting focus that our industry needs.

Dave and Rick, thanks again.

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  • LynetteRadio

    I talked to *lots* of people at Blog World Expo about podcasting – how to get started, how to host, gear, audio vs. video – as well as content and topics.  There is definitely a renewed interest in it!

  • Julie Perry

    Wow, Paul – thanks for the fantastic feedback! I’m thrilled to hear the audience got so much out of my YouTube presentation. The entire Digital Broadcasting Track was outstanding this year. Kudos to you on that.

    I’m definitely all for a full YouTube track at November’s BlogWorld Los Angeles — I think it will be well received by the west coast audience, too. See you there!

    ~Julie Perry

  • Anonymous

    do you feel it is truly “renewed” or just people coming late to the party?

  • Anonymous

    There is no doubt that the groove out West will be considerably more video focussed than the blogging/written word we saw with this one. Not dealing with the 800 pound gorilla in that space would just be wrong.

  • Dan Safkow

    I’m looking forward to Blog World LA. Another benefit of living in the metromediatainmentplex!

  • Anonymous

    As am I. Will be great to see you then – if not before.

  • Kevin

    Hey Paul, for those of us coming late to the podcasting party, what’s a resource you would recommend to help us get started??
    See you on MSMM later today 🙂 Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    The book “Podcast Solutions” – make sure you get the 2nd edition.

  • Stan Dubin

    Paul, when you said “The hosts are doing it right” in the podcast section, which hosts were you referring to? The ones at Blog World Expo?

  • Anonymous

    It was the hosts from Discovery.

  • Stan Dubin

    Thanks, Paul.