Which Is “Better” – Mac or PC In Video Editing?

My friend Mike attempts to answer the question – “Which is better, Mac or PC?” (related to video editing at least).

Since I purchased a new MacBook Pro yesterday, I thought I’d tell you why:

There is a “secret” angle to all this that most people forget. Actually, it ain’t much of a secret at all but next to nobody is leveraging this thing. The new Macs all have Intel chips inside meaning that they can run Windows if/when needed. Now where to some “pure” Mac users, that might seem like putting lipstick on a pig, there is an element of GET OVER IT that needs to be examined.

I’ll be honest, 95% of my computer time on this thing will be in full Mac mode. But, …

If I need a “full PC” to do some “full PC” things that only “full PCs” can do (Ustream.tv via PC has higher quality options – did you know that?), I use Bootcamp and have a full PC. Nice.

If I just need some Windows action during a computing session, I can run VMware Fusion and run “Real” Windows right on my Mac. No more having to have a PC laptop around the house just in case.

So, when I need a Mac, I have a Mac.

When I need some Windows action, I got it.

When I need a “Full PC” for some serious work, I got it.

Sorry Mike, but it doesn’t sound like a “debate” to me at all.

What do you use?

BudUrl.com – Why You Should Keep Your Eye On These Guys

I wanted to give you a heads up to a very cool program/product BudURL.com. At a quick glance, they might seem like your “average” URL shortener but … watch the embedded video below:

For those who can’t see the embedded video in their RSS feeds, here is the BUDURL.com video on YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe, Google, Revver, AOL Video, DailyMotion, Blip.tv, Veoh, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo, Viddler, Howcast and 5min – take your pick on how you want to view it.

in short, the program let’s you “shorten” a long URL (in the video, the example was the Blog post previous to this one) and get tracking on where that URL is being clicked.

These kind of metrics are a goldmine to anyone paying attention online. As one of my readers, I know you are salivating at this point.

The team assures me that deeper and more advanced metrics are coming and that a new paid version will make us very happy.

I say keep your eye on these guys for 2 reasons: 1) This is a killer product and 2) They’re actually going to charge for this thing so it has a chance of actually making it.

They even Twittered this one:

New features are coming this week. Lots of updates before month-end. Official “trials” begin Nov 1. Paid accounts mid-Nov. Thx!!!

Actually guys, thank you.

My Roku Box Obsession

In recent news, Roku really wants to run other people’s content (OPC) through their $99 box.

Mark my words, when we have a $99 box that plays Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and a few others (Revision3, get on the box), people will start canceling their cable in droves and this crazy Internet Video thing will start ‘taking off.’

Does anyone reading this have any experience in the Roku API, etc.? How hard is it to get you content on this $99 box?

Does Anik Have The Right Idea With This Free PPC Classroom Version 2 “Gimmick?” Will You Make A Video For Him?

So my buddy Anik Singal is launching his PPC Classroom v2 product in a few weeks and is certainly getting a lot of attention. He deserves it – it’s a killer course.

I’ve seen this done a couple of times with other products but never really thought or commented on it before. If you check out this link you’ll see that Anik is giving away multiple VIP Memberships to PPC Classroom v2 to those who participate in a little contest.

In short, you create a video explaining how much you want the product.

Anik picks his favorite and gives them access to the course for free.

Anik gets a ton of social proof and some penetration in the video sites for far less than he could have ever spent on any other angle.

Is this the ultimate in profiting from UGC (user generated content), or just a cheap ploy?

I’d love your thoughts below.

Today’s Starz On Netflix Announcement Is Big

As reported, people who use the Netflix streaming service, can now get movies from Starz (the cable movie channel). Right now, out of the box, you can stream movies like Spider Man 3, Enchanted, and Dan in Real Life.

Earlier I reported on a product called PlayOn that let’s you stream Hulu.com and some other sources right to your Xbox. Their $30 product at the time “promised” coming Netflix integration but I really don’t like to report until we know for sure.

They turned on Netflix integration last week. It didn’t get much attention but was a very impressive implementation. I was going to do a quick video but then with this morning’s announcement …

So now, as you can see in the video embedded below, you can get streaming videos from most of the television networks on your television set. With the Netflix/Starz announcement, you’re not just stuck with Netflix’s “limited” streaming library but you now have access to a premium movie channel’s library, all on demand.

Remember that Microsoft will be introducing a direct Netflix option with their Fall Xbox update the eliminates the need for the Playon product. It also doesn’t bring you Hulu or any of the other sources (so far) and costs $50 a year.

Once you figure out how to connect this all, total access to all this goodness (via the Netflix account) is less than $10 a month.

Remind me why people pay for cable again?

Big Seminar 12 – Which “Guru” Do You Want Live?

I’m heading out to Big Seminar 12 in a few days. It will be great to catch up with old friends.

I’ll have my iPhone with me, a backup battery, and a running copy of Qik.com. As a result, I’m ready to stream at a moments notice.

If I could grab any of these gurus (and I will have access) and ask them any question live, what would it be … ?

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Eben Pagan
  • Michel & Sylvie Fortin
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Jose Espana
  • David Hancock
  • Joe Polish
  • Kirt Christensen
  • Alan Forrest Smith
  • Armand Morin

My Qik.com live connection is below, but you can also subscribe by RSS.

So, seriously, who do you want me to “grill” and what do you want me to ask them? Leave your comments below!

Either We Get A Cheap Set Top Box, or Google Wins

I’m preaching to the choir here, but there is a MASSIVE DISCONNECT between Web Video and our Televisions right now.

Yes, we’ve got different toy options that do some very cool things (the Roku Box for Netflix, the Popcorn Hour product, Apple TV, the Xbox, etc.) but they remain, to this point, toys. They tend to do just 1 thing (and sometimes not even well) and forget everything else. For example the Roku box is gorgeous for Netflix but ignores Hulu, YouTube.com, etc.

We’ve got some connection options that are exciting (like PlayOn which I wrote about earlier), but they simply aren’t ready for prime time yet. In the case of PlayOn, I don’t know if Hulu is fighting PlayOn or if the coding is bad but it just doesn’t work the way it needs to. In the case of everyone else, we just seem to have these one-offs.

In my Google Tech Talk of a few months back (embedded below), I spoke of my “Year of Living Digitally” project. It was a lot of fun but to this date, to do what I want to do, I have an Apple TV, an Xbox, a Popcorn Hour box, an HD over the air antenna and a dock for my laptop all hooked up to my television (you can imagine how much my family loves this). This was understandable 1/1/2007 but is starting, simply, to get silly.

There is plenty of news about how Joost is going browser-only and how others are following it. My question/statement is this … is the future of Web Video the browser or the television set? Sure, I guess we have an option for browser on our television set but I really don’t think this is where this is all going.

So, in short … we need a box that puts ALL Web Video on our televisions. If we don’t, Google “wins” everything …

And that, BTW, is not an anti-Google statement, that is a nobody should own all of this statement.

Now, here’s the funny trend that I’m worried about (and what causes me to write this piece) … most of the television/Web hybrid boxes and solutions have a YouTube engine of sorts. From the very cool integrated Apple TV option to the feature on PlayOn (that doesn’t crash) and the channel on the Popcorn Hour box, YouTube.com is there: It’s the 800 pound gorilla, they got simple APIs and they’re easy to work with.

So, right now, if I want to get Internet video on the television that works for everyone – I really have only once choice – it’s YouTuboogle.

It can’t be that way. We need box that can handle YouTube (like all of the boxes), proprietary systems (like Hulu, Netflix), and open systems (like Podcasts on the Popcorn Hour box) – all in one device.

The box that does that, WINS.

And if no box does that, Google WINS.


Rocketboom Epsiode #1000

No, that’s not a typo …

Rocketboom 1000 Tweet

Via this recent Tweet from Andrew Baron, we’ve learned that Rocketboom is celebrating Episode #1000 on Saturday.


Rocketboom has been both an inspiration for many of us and a living tutorial on what to focus on this crazy space.

Congrats, Andrew, Joanne and the team.

And here’s to 1,000 more …