YouTube Paid Channels Work Great On The iPhone And iPad – iOS Turns out that that YouTube Paid Channel program makes it very easy to watch subscription / premium videos on your iOS device. In this example, Paul views a channel he subscribed to on his iPad.

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YouTube Paid Channels – How To Subscribe To A Paid / Premium YouTube Channel Paul Colligan examines the new YouTube Paid Channel program (premium YouTube content) and shows how one can subscribe to a paid YouTube Channel.

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YouTube Paid Channels Are LIVE – QUICK LOOK

http;// – YouTube just turned on their PAID CHANNELS program. That’s right, you are now able to pay for content at YouTube. What this means to future content developers is not yet known.

I’ve been involved with the Real Wisdom TV ( project since the beginning and am thrilled to finally be able to talk about it.

What will you do with paid / premium YouTube channels?

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How Do I Make My Video Go “Viral?”

(Rated ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ) – Everybody dreams of making their videos viral. A couple of simple facts you should know. Number one, thinking your video is going to be viral is an absolutely terrible strategy. You’ve heard the number of hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute. How many of them are viral? Such a minimal amount.

The chances for you to make your video viral is infinitesimally small; it is a terrible strategy.

Now if for some reason, at some point your video becomes viral, if a zillion people downloaded it, great, leverage it, take hold of it. But the chances of that are up there with you winning the lottery. It is very hard to plan a viral video, it’s just something that you just have to know how to do.

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What Is The Best Format For A YouTube Video?

http://www.21QuestionsAboutYouTube.comYouTube takes any format you send them, so don’t worry about it. Do they take X? Yes. Do they take Y? Yes. Do they take Mac? Linux? Windows? Yes, yes, and yes.

YouTube will take any video format produced by any major, realistic video editing system. So don’t worry about trans-coding or formatting for YouTube, just give them what you’ve got and let them take it from there. They will do everything they can to make it look as good as is possible.

Now realize, if you send them a dead duck, it’s still a dead duck‚ÄĒit might be one of the best looking dead ducks they’ve ever had. Send them high quality, send them whatever format you want, and YouTube will make it look as good as possible.

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YouTube OneChannel How To Profit And Respond To The Recent Changes Webcast HD Replay of the March Webcast where we examined the new YouTube OneChannel program and how you can respond and profit from the changes made at YouTube. Host Paul Colligan walked through strategies and processes for making the most of YouTube with these recent changes.

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How Do You Get Your YouTube Video Ranked On The Front Page Of Google?

How do you get your video arranged on the first page of Google results? This one is a lot easier than a lot of pundits would like to make it out be. If you understand the following simple concepts, you can do tremendously well with YouTube and Google results.

Fact number one is that Google is in the business of delivering results. If they don’t deliver good results, people will leave them: that’s their number one job.

Number two, Google has a massive staff of people whose job is to defeat users trying to trick the results. Obviously, a lot of people who shouldn’t be the number one listing for a given search result, still want to be the number one listing. There is a whole industry of search engine optimization (SEO), where experts in Google teach people how to manipulate the search engine. Fortunately, Google has hired a substantial staff of very brilliant people‚ÄĒand I’ve met some of them personally, PhD’s, Gurus and brainy people‚ÄĒwhose job is simply to screen anybody who’s playing tricks.

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What Can I Do To Maximize My YouTube Channel?

What can you do to maximize your YouTube channel? Everybody wants to maximize their YouTube channel‚ÄĒand you should leverage and make use of every tool you have to achieve this purpose.

Fact one is that YouTube wants people who help them build the YouTube brand. What does this mean? When you put a video on YouTube, it means that YouTube basically has given you some free bandwidth and some free storage for your content. At most, there’s a logo in the bottom right hand corner of your videos, but it does nothing substantial to build YouTube’s brand.

When you send people to your channel to find other videos, to find playlists, to interact with your channel, you’re getting your audience to utilize the YouTube interface‚ÄĒwhich is exactly what YouTube wants. YouTube wants users who help them build their brand. Why? Because the more people come to their site, the more they can charge for advertising. Consequently, the more you have built out your channel, and the more interactivity it brings, the more YouTube will like you and appreciate you as a user.

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