Disclosure Policy

I create commercial content that pays bills. I am what many call an information marketer.

Often, I am the provider (and/or business owner) of the products and/or services and I recommend. Being “in this business” provides me such a wonderful opportunity. It’s part of how I pay those bills.

Occasionally, I am compensated by the products and services I recommend. It is sometimes direct – it is sometimes indirect – but it is there.

If this offends you, no problems, this isn’t content for you.

At all times, I only recommend products I use – or would tell my Mom to use. You have my promise there.

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Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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  • http://www.sfbags.com/ Heidi

    Hi Paul,

    Heidi from WaterField Designs here. We announced two iPad cases a few weeks ago (The Ultimate SleeveCase and the iPad Suede Jacket) and will be announcing more very shortly. I was wondering if there is a way to send you a news tip/press release? i could not find an email address on any of your sites, but I'd love to add you to my distribution list. thanks!

  • paulcolligan

    Have also sent email – but feel free to send email news tips to paulsipadblog@gmail dot com and physical samples to 16200 SW Pacific Highway Suite H PMB 254 Portland Oregon 97224.

  • victorkasatshko

    Hi Paul,
    Just watched all of your presentations with Andy on Video Boss…fantastic stuff!!
    It is really amazing how many quality people i am meeting recently due to a few good choices I made.
    I see your address below but want to ask you for permission first in order to send you some samples of some products i have invented and patented/trademarked and am looking for ways to market most efficiently as funds are extremely tight.
    You and Andy are BOSS!!!

  • paulcolligan

    Permission to send but realize I can make no promise of anything upon receipt.

  • victorkasatshko

    No promise needed or expected…just wanted you to have them so you can
    experience them first-hand.


    Victor M. Kasatshko
    VMK Innovations, Inc.
    40351 U.S. Highway 19 North, Suite 305
    Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689
    (727) 234-0124 Fax: (727) 491-3965

  • http://www.saniglow.com Gary Schafer

    Certainly, technical mastery comes from immersion in the mundane tasks that accompany most enthusiastically begun ventures. You, Paul Colligan, have broken the mold of performance mundane and replaced it with joyous enthusiasm for all who “travel” the road you continue to define for us. Thanks man.

  • paulcolligan

    Thank you for the kind words.

  • http://www.jprmarketing.co.uk/ Bill Green

    Good points. It is especially interesting that while so PR Nottingham people are discussing the issue — it isn’t even an issue for most companies / clients.

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  • Peter

    I was inquiring about advertising on your website, paulcolligan.com. I am really interested in
    promoting my client’s Internet Search related website.
    Please send me an email at your earliest convenience to discuss rates and advertising options
    for your
    Thank you for your time,
    Peter L.

  • http://www.mammothsupplements.co.uk/hmb-supplements hmb

    Thanks for the email and address too, Paul. Helpful for many of us who wants to add you to the distribution list.

  • http://www.godine.co.uk/ Nic Hunkin

    I am really not sure how to respond here , but I think you are a honest successful guy , which is very rare.

  • http://www.mywrestlingroom.com/ Tony Cooke

    Yeah, you had a point. I really admire information marketer for the passion and effort they possess.

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