Listening to Podcasts On My Tivo

Got my Tivo upgrade. The Yahoo specific features don't seem to work at all – but the Podcaster feature on my newly updated Tivo is fascinating indeed.

2 things:

1. It kills the subscription mindset and changes consumption to more of a “show” mentality – which is the paradigm Tivo works within so it makes sense. Basically, Podcasts show up and you can scroll through the episodes and click to play. No bookmarking or rewind/fast forward. Just click and play – and in theory listen to the whole thing.

2. It is very hard to get anything but the ‘recommended' Podcasts. You can add a URL for an RSS feed through the remote control but let's be honest, how many people (en masse) are going to do that?

So, how does on get on the recommended Podcast list? Inquiring minds want to know.

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