Has Microsoft Just Given Up on the Podcasting Conversation?

Almost 6 months ago I pointed to Scoble's “A New Kind of Conversation” piece and said something smarky like “If Microsoft Wasn't Trying to Delete Podcasting, Scoble Never Would Have Had to Post This.

Scoble tried hard. He does that. I respect the hell out of him for that. He even posted a dialogue thread up at Channel 9 called “What should Microsoft do with podcasting/wikis/blogs/videoblogs?” It 'twas a good little dialogue (with some great dialogue) but it died on July 4.

And Microsoft has, let's admit it, for all sakes and purposes, not done a darn thing about Podcasting/Wikis/Blogs/Videoblogs. As we put together the book, I feel really “wierd” about making no mention of Microsoft but … I've got nothing to talk about. O.k., they get a few lines about Podcasting from TechEd but other than that …

Is there anything we should mention? Am I missing something? I keep hearing that it's all in IE7 but I can't find a thing online about it and Podcasts. The future of Windows Media Player? Forget it.

Is anyone out there? Are you doing anything? Have you given up?

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