10 Podcast Predictions for 2006

No NDAs were broken to bring you this prediction list.

1. Microsoft will launch a very weak Podcast integration scheme into Windows Media Player end of 2006. It will be too complicated for anyone who hasn't already embraced Podcasting and too limited for those who already have. No one will care.

2. In addition to integrating with Audible Wordcast, Apple will announce their own pay-for-content mechanism within iTunes. A slew of twenty-five cent Podcasts will flood the marketplace and suddenly, the CPM model for ad placement will seem attractive again.

3. Several high-profile content delivery paradigms leveraging RSS and Podcast-like media delivery systems will arise.

4. Traditional ad buys in Podcasting will raise quickly Q1 and Q2 and plunge even quicker when people realize what they're getting for their money.

5. Gnomedex 2006 will be more important to Podcasting that Gnomedex 2005 was.

6. Tim Bourquin will be approached with really good money to buy the Portable Media Expo. He'll be smart enough to say no to the first offer.

7. No wireless iPod in 2006.

8. Stern will never bring enough subscribers with him to pay for his move to Sirius – let alone justify his salary. The press will continue to act as if it will because they want the technology that is killing them associated with “The Wheel of Sex” and Stutterning John. He'll quietly fade away because reporters won't be able to listen for free any more and soundbites won't be airable – even on Fox.

9. 4 more big level silly money Podcast related payouts. 20 million plus spent on “WHAT?” in 2006.

10. Sorry, but not a single blogger gets on Orpah for being a blogger in 2006.

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