Is My First 2006 Prediction Coming True Already? Apple To Announce Fee-Based Podcasts? What About Audible?

I recently (on the 26th) predicted that:

In addition to integrating with Audible Wordcast, Apple will announce their own pay-for-content mechanism within iTunes. A slew of twenty-five cent Podcasts will flood the marketplace and suddenly, the CPM model for ad placement will seem attractive again.

Someone just emailed me this article from Macworld UK from the 27th that, well, … pretty much says the same thing. They talk of a Press Release at the site that I can't find but the concept is there – Apple to sell Podcasts.

If is the engine (couldn't find anything at their site), my prediction that this is independent of Audible comes true as well.

Anyone have anything else on this?

Update #1: According to ARS Technica, the information from WhatIWantPodcasting was “accidently leaked”

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