TWIT’s “State of the TWiT” Message and the Business of Podcasting

TWiT (This Week in Tech) just issued a “State of the TWiT” message where, basically, Leo has admitted that running a Podcast for free and letting someone else pay the bandwidth bills isn't a business plan that will work for a long time.

I couldn't agree more.

And I couldn't be a bigger fan of TWiT. It's a fun show with some smart people talking about the topics I love. I want these guys to do obscenely well – and the old model would never let them do that – no matter how passionate they are about the topic.

Here's Leo's final analysis:

That means one of two things: subscriptions or advertising.

Leo, you're a general interest show. A great one – one really enjoy – but the audience isn't niched enough (or making enough money) to pay a subscription that will pay your bills (and the show should pay your bills).

Two choices: a) reformat the show so you can charge for subscriptions or b) take advertising.

I think everyone would prefer option B.

Of course, once you take advertising, I'm sure AOL will force you to pay for at least part of the bandwidth they've been comping at this point so … good luck.

You can keep from making the mistakes of TechTV. You can be in control this time. This is a passionate audience and I think you can find some passionate advertisers wanting to market to them.

You'll make it happen Leo. I trust you.

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