What Me Agree With Comic Strip Blogger? Comments on Comments to Adam Curry

So, Comic Strip Blogger made some comments at Curry.com regarding my quote resulting comments. He says, and I quote,

And remember Curry: don't pay too much attention to that music thingy (indie music? or other crap). The most important in podcasting is talk talk talk and that's why PDN is more important than PMN. Much more.

I couldn't agree more.

Apple, like it or not, set the standard for music and payments. It just won't get bigger than 99 cents a song – ever. As one of the biggest U2 fans on the planet, I think it is a crime that their life's work is valued at less than $150 yet it would cost me more than that to get a 2 gig Nano.

Talk is, and will always be, worth more online. Books at Audible sell for as much as $20 at Audible and paid Podcasts with great content will be ‘where the money is.'

And our little coming 10k Podcast won't be the only one.

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