Podcast Monetization Case Study #2 – Big Seminar Live

The Podcast – Big Seminar Live

The Model – Regardless of the “traditional” method of Podcast subscriptions, get as many people as possible to hand over their email address. Don’t Spam them – send them info and content relevant to the topic.

The Method and Numbers – Big Seminar 6 CDs and DVDs are now for sale. Made an offer to the email list. Generated $2.41 cents every time that link was clicked. Nice. Email marketing dictates you send out multiple offers. Haven’t done that yet.

Other Metrics – $1.33 per Feedburner Subscriber, $.43 per download of most popular downloaded file in December 2005. CPM of listeners (not really effective at all as it was done via email – but some people love that number) $436.22.

What have we learned so far? 1) Free Podcast of BigSeminarLive.com has produced better representing her own product and someone else’s product than a traditional CPM play would ever produce 2) People are willing to pay good money for (good) content, 3) Both attempts at revenue for this show produced more than $1 per subscriber. I can spend money getting subscribers (don’t just have to count on word of mouth) and still come out ahead.

More about this in the Book, but those are the numbers.


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