Affiliate Summit Speed Networking Results

Here are some things I learned last night at the Affiliate Summit speed networking round.

1. The “matching algorithm” for this system when you told it to find people for you left a lot fo be desired. People from the SAME COMPANY were being “set up” in the system. Glad I made the first move and suggested who I wanted to meet with. First mover advantage is always good.

2. GoDaddy is very happy with their Podcasting advertising initiatives. If you need contact information for the person in charge of that, let me know. Note to self – get them to sponsor 10k Podcast.

3. Yahoo Music Unlimited does have an affiliate program. Their in CJ. Melanie, the associate marketing manager, likes the program as much as I do and feels that she “just needs to get the word out.” I agree.

4. Rumor has it that CafePress will be launching a little somethin’ somethin’ for the Podcaster soon.

Keynote is in a few hours. After that, Declan Dunn hits the stage with a building buzz update. I promise you Podcasting is part of it.

One piece of sad news – Rosalind Gardner is sick and not able to attend. Get better, Rosalind – we’ll meet face to face one day.

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