Paul’s Token Apple Macworld Prediction

Tomorrow, big announcements from Apple. My predictions on what's coming:

New version of Mac Mini will be Intel powered and have “more support” for connecting to your television set. I don't know if it will be the full-on Tivo killer yet, but I've yet to have anyone tell me with a strait face that “Front Row” was really built for the family to sit around the iMac (no matter how pretty it may be). If the Mac Mini connects to the home entertainment center, that only means one thing – more sales at the iTunes store.

This is where the whole Google Video and Vongo thing are really missing it – people don't want to sit in front of their computer to digest video content. They'll put up with it on airplane trips and the like, but it isn't the golden egg.

I've been watching Rocketboom now daily since Tivo started offering it. I'm getting daily news to my television set over the Podcast channel without the help of the broadcast networks. That's the future. I think Jobs realizes that better than anyone else.

The technology is there, let's see if he announces it tomorrow.

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