Maybe Scoble Was Right – Maybe Microsoft Is Just Ignoring Podcasting for the Benefit of the iPodderX Guys?

After the demo of Window’s Media 11 at CES, I had to ask myself, self, why no mention of Podcasting in the demo?

The answer I could come up with was, self, you can’t show off everything at a demo. They have to have something to do with Podcasting in Windows Media 11, it just wasn’t part of the demo. After all, they did have time to show off Brittany’s ex boyfriend and he’s as least as important as Podcasting, right?.

Self is usually a good judge of these kinds of things.

Then I read this review of the “Windows Media Player 11 Experience.” No mention of Podcasting there either.

Self is beginning to see a conspiracy.

But then self remembered Scoble’s post on the same question late last month.

Why does Microsoft need to put its partners out of business by doing its own podcasting tools? Why shouldn’t Microsoft leave some real business opportunities around for independent software vendors?

Hey, can you tell the guys at iPodderX again that you don’t think they should exist and that you think Microsoft should have their business?

Isn’t that the kind of behavior that got Microsoft called “the borg

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