Making Good Money Giving It Away For Free

O.k., if we don’t have to spend a lot of money on the equipment, we can pull this off. I simply can’t afford good equipment at this point.

Now, I’m a realist. When is said and done, it will cost us some money to make this happen. I mean, we have rent to pay, need to make it, store it somewhere, electricity and all the other connections, etc. We can do discount all the way and pull it off. I don’t need much.

If I take my total costs and divide it by how many I get out there, we’re looking at about 3 cents per (when ALL is said and done). Again, not the highestly quality (had to cut some corners with this model), but we’re keeping it cheap in this approach.

I got someone who is willing to put his ad around the the thing for 5 cents a piece. He wants my demographic bad. I don’t have to change a thing inside. Good, quality is important to me.

Look at that: 2 cents each profit each time they take it. Now I can give away thousands and thousands. If I get 10,000 people a month to take it, I’ll make a few hundred bucks every month.

Who are those Starbucks people across the street thinking they can sell the same thing for $3.00 a cup? Don’t they know coffee should be free (we can put ads on the cups). Their business plan will never work and I can smile cause I stuck it to the man.

Yup, I’m smilin’


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