This Week in Tech (TWiT) Confirms – No Podcasting in Windows Media Player 11. Scoble? WHATTHEHECK?

I just couldn’t belive it – had to listen multiple times before I did.

Windows Media Player 11 doesn’t expect to ship with RSS support.

Yep, the revolutionary upgrade to Windows ain’t gonna do what some of us have been doing for 18 months now.

This Week in Tech’s Patrick Norton said in TWiT episode #37 (at minute 46:01) that he was able to get a demo of Windows Media Player 11 as CES. He was impressed with the “really clean interface.” We saw that in Gate’s Keynote.

He asked the demoer (is that a term) is there going to be rss support?

Demoer didn’t know – and had to ask the product manager.

Product manager response – “we don’t expect to ship windows media player 11 with rss support.

In all fairness, Norton commented that he got the feeling that they’re “looking at it – it just won’t be ready in time for launch.”

And in all fairness part 2, I once attended an Internet World where a Microsoft demoer told me about a cool new feature in FrontPage that was never released in the final product so … there is room for hope here as well.

Dvorak commented on the show that (Microsoft is) “so out of touch … they just overlooked it.

I pray this isn’t the case.

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