Livin’ la Tivo Loca

I love my Tivo. You know the spiel: I don’t have to be home when the shows are on, I can stream stuff when I’m on the road, I can skip through the commericials, I’m a 21st century dude, etc. Does it get better than that?

About 15 minutes ago I was planning my evening. I thought I’d do a quick jump to to see if there was anything I might want to grab.

Then it hit me: All the shows I care about are already in the queue. If something is a repeat, it won’t tape and if something is at a wierd time, I don’t have to track it down.

I really don’t have to do a thing. If I have a few minutes to catch something, I’ll see what Tivo has for me. If I don’t, it will be there when I’m ready.

See, the broadcast paradigm officially died for me today. I never switched over to my Yahoo because I realized that I really don’t care at all when things air. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care how many commericials they squeeze into the things. It doesn’t matter. A show “delayed” by sports or something like that doesn’t matter. Where I watch it doesn’t matter.

I’m living la Tico loca.

Are you?

And, by the way, your “broadcasters”, yes, you should be really scared.

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