Yes, the Rumors Are True … New Publisher for the Business Podcasting Bible

Yes, we have a new publisher for The Business Podcasting Bible.

Yes, it is a New York publisher (no Frank, it’s not a vanity publisher). Yes, one of their titles has hit #1 at Amazon in the past. Yes, you’ll be able to buy it in bookstores everywhere.

Yes, launch date is the same. Actually, it probably will be out earlier.

Yes, we’ve got a better cover (wait till you see it – do I dare say t-shirts 😉 ?)

No, I don’t know what will happen to your existing Amazon pre-orders. I’m sure they’ve got a fix. I ordered a few copies myself so I’ll let you know what happens here.

No, Mom, I don’t know what will happen to to your pre-orders either. I don’t have any pull at Amazon, Mom. Really. I don’t know Bill Gates either (yet).

No, I won’t tell you, I’ll wait till the new page goes live.

Yes, we’re drinking champagne this weekend.

Yes, I did tell Mom.

No, she won’t tell you.

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