One of the Few Sane Voices in Podcast Monetization – Chris Pirillo

Red Herring has an article about Chris Pirillo and Podcast monetization. As always, smart stuff from the Locker Gnome.

Highlights (but do read the whole article):

As for a business model, Mr. Pirillo—who said he makes a fifth of his income from podcasting— recommended sponsorships. He suggested there are legions of companies who will pay for relevant discussion of their products to an engaged audience, mentioning his own lucrative deals with Citrix, Nikon, and Microsoft.

Remember – sponsorships are different than getting ads in your show. They might look and sound like ads – but the contracts are very different.

Mr. Pirillo’s formal remarks, offered in Microsoft PowerPoint on his IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad, were a departure from the standard Macworld fare.

Many Geeks enjoy their shows but remember: right tool for the right job.

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