Why the “Right” Podcasting Magazine Makes Sense

http://www.id3mag.com/ – the First Magazine for Podcasters.

I’m intrigued.

People learn different ways. The idea of a PDF and print version makes a lot of sense – some would rather die than kill trees for a medium that has never required a piece of paper. Others need to touch and feel the unseen – and Podcasting is very unseen.

One suggestion – when you send out your reviews copies – send paper.

A look at their Editorial Schedule shows that they’re on the right track. Nice to see that the only conference on Podcasting that they intend on report on is PME. Just like the term “Podcasting” won (sorry Creative, Microsoft, etc.), PME is the Detroit Audio Show for our industry (sorry Curry). Guys, get a booth there.

One suggestion, more on the Business of Podcasting – which is a lot different than the token “7 ways Podcasters can make money with their voice” lists that are popping up everywhere.

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