Forget “PME” – It’s PODCAST and Portable Media Expo Now!

This just in from Tim Bourquin,

By the way, I've decided once and for all (a few days ago) to go back to Podcast and Portable Media Expo as the official name. (the logo has been updated on the site).

Nice move. Smart move. Just because everyone else is trying to confuse everyone else doesn't mean you need to jump into the fray. We were there for the Podcasting.

Podcasting is my passion, and the passion of my attendees. I see no reason to play down the term anymore simply because XXXXXXXXXXXX doesn't like it. If they don't want to come because podcasting is in the name of the show then they can just stay home. The term is not going away so they'll only be hurting themselves by avoiding all this great content. XXXXXXXXXXXX realized it, and I think eventually they all will.

Names X'd out to protect the sadly very guilty.

I stand by my prediction that Tim will be offered some crazy money for this show very soon.

I can't wait until September.

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