No Mac Mini Microphone Jack

So, I purchased iLife 06 and was going to do my token Podcast from the new Garage Band Podcast Creator to recorded from our family Mac Mini. I can see it now – the $499 all-in-one Podcasting hardware machine.

Guess what, no microphone jack on the Mac Mini. I'm very curious as to why on that one? You'd think with a focus on the home like they have, they'd include something like that.

I guess the eMacs have them.

Yes, I have some USB soundcards I can use with it, and will soon, but so much for the “so easy anyone can use it” motif.

BTW, it's also a lot more complicated than it looks. Every other all-in-one I've played with at this point has been easier to use.

I'm heading on the road tomorrow so the recording will have to wait a week or so.

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