Curry’s Podsafe Music Network Plans

On today’s Daily Source Code, Curry gave some more details on the Podsafe Music Network. Nothing new in specifics, but he gave (on purpose or subconciously?) his first “goals” for music sales:

Now, if we have 1000 podcasts, with a 1000 listeners … millions spins … can only presume 1% will show up and buy.

That makes no sense at all. Again, let’s run the numbers:

Let’s say there are 5 songs in a show. If 1% of every spin is a buy, 5 songs in a show would be a 5% buy. And, let’s be honest, most shows will have more than that.

So, that means, that 100 listeners to a five song show would buy 5 songs, or 1000 would buy 50. That’s $49.50 in sales, per thousand listeners per show.

Obviously, that doesn’t convert right to CPM cause Podshow gets some, artist gets some, podcaster gets some, credit card company gets some, etc.

But those numbers are wayyyyyy too high.

Not even close. You’ll be happy (and should still be able to make a profit) if 1 in 1000 buy.

I love what you’re doing Adam, but let’s be realistic.

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