Free Podcast Teleseminar Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, I’m Stu’s guest on a teleseminar to promote his Idea Incubator Event. The topic, you guessed it, is Podcasting. Sign up for the free series and he’ll send you all the information.

Don’t worry, he’s one of the good guys and will honor any unsbscription requests you send his way.

The outline is great and includes 7 benefits of Podcasting (that most don’t realize) and my first ever public explantation of the Podcast Monetization Roadmap and how it relates to launching your first Podcast.

He says I only have an hour and I’ll bet you I’ll take more than that.

You’ll want to listen in.

And, heck, consider attending the event as well. We’re going to do something in that room that has never been done before. Trust me, you’ll be hearing about it.

And I’ll be dropping a few hints on that call.

The link again –

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