Notes for Tonight’s Free Podcast Teleseminar

First of all, sorry, there has been a little confusion on tonight’s call.

It’s part of the Idea Incubator Training Call series. Sign up, and you get my call for tonight (hint, there is a replay line for those who sign up), as well as calls from Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce and some other very very sharp people.

Don’t worry – Stu’s a sharp guy who will honor any unsubscription requests (not that I think there will be any).

Now that we have that figured out, the notes and links for tonight’s call can be found here.

The outline in short:

1) Quick intro to Podcasting
2) 7 Podcast Benefits (You Might Not Have Thought Of)
3) The Podcast Monetization Roadmap

We’ll also talk about the 123 Podcast Launch Experience – that premieres at Stu’s event.

And, yes, if you sign up for the call, there will probably be a replay line.

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