New Model for Podcast Monetization

Sorry I have to be so vague here but, … I wanted to get this up for public record a week or so before we launch.

Because this one is so good, I know it will be copied. I claim here that this idea came from us:

  • Podcast is created that supports a product or company. Infotainment / edutainment, whatever you want to call it. Video or audio podcast. Doesn’t matter.
  • Call to action on the Podcast is a single Website associated only with the Podcast (for tracking purposes).
  • In addition to the traffic that always comes from getting in iTunes, Podcasts.Yahoo, etc., train affiliates for the program to push the podcast. Enable a cookieing process at the affiliate website so they can cookie the customer and then tell them about the Podcast.
  • Train the affiliates to promote the Podcast. Let them do the marketing for it. As always, pay them when they make the sale.
  • Yes, the product/program we’re doing this for will be a major case study in the Book.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

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