Uploading a Paid Podcast to Audible … Step by Step

Update: Audible has killed their Wordcast program but … PremiumCast.com does everything described here and more.

I've been assured that everything has been tested against Firefox. I trust these guys. My initial issues might have been me.

Today I have the first file for the first Paid Podcast that we're going to run through Audible Wordcast.

I already set up the account and paid my $50. Did that at my first posting.

1. Went to the file upload section to upload the main file. Since this is a paid one, no advertisements (how pleasant, eh?). 58 meg source file. Uploading completed!

2. I click on “New Episode” cause, well, get this, it's going to be a new episode. Joe Polish interviews Brian Tracy for the Genius Network.

3. I enter all the date for the show. Some cut and paste within the WYSIWYG editor. It all worked fine (in Firefox).

4. I click the “Post to Wordcast” button at the bottom of the page. I think that's what I'm supposed to do.

5. Seems to have worked – but we aren't live yet at http://wordcast.audible.com/wordcast/page/colligan. Hmm, wished I would have known that is what the Web address would be for the cast. Since I'm producing it for someone else, it has little to do with my login name. Is there anyway to change that?

6. Back to the “Edit Episode” section to see if I can get listed. I bet there is some “publish date” thing in there. Nope, it does show a “Status: Pending (Last updated 1/25/06 6:17 PM).” I'm guessing someone has to approve it. I guess we'll wait.

Summary Thoughts: Easy enough to use. Found one little Firefox thingee that I emailed to their support team – not a functional issue – just a look and feel thing. Wish I could edit the name. Let's just see how long it takes to approve:

Feel Free to Play Along at Home: http://wordcast.audible.com/wordcast/page/colligan_2

Update #1: Well, for those of you playing along at home, got this email about 5 minutes after I was done

“Genius Network Podcast #1 – Business Building Advice And Success Principles For Entrepreneurs” of “The Genius Network Podcast” is now online and ready for download.This is an automated message. Please do not reply.Thanks for using AudibleWordcast.–The Wordcast Team @ Audible

It ain't live yet, but I have a feeling that is coming quickly. Thank goodness I didn't say something smarky about New York literary types at cocktail hour by this point.

Update #2: The Good to Great John Federico of Audible saw the post and made things right. You can now listen to Brian Tracy. It was the WYSIWYG interface which is now, I've been told, dead. Nice to see them so responsive.

Update #3: Man, this is cool. I'm going to do the other series tonight.

Update #4: New one is up and we gave it a domain name.

Thanks team Audible. Good stuff here.

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