Simple (and Free) Money Maker for Sites About Podcasting

Site about Podcasting? Here’s an interesting money maker.

I got Jeff Mulligan over at SearchFeast to provide this page optimized for Podcasting. People are looking for fast Podcast training and, well, this will do it for you. You can sign up for free.

Here’s what you do? Click on over and sign up via the link at the bottom. You’ll get your own link that you can attach to some keywords like “Podcast Help” “Podcast Training“, etc. The “niche page builder” inside of Search Feast (once you sign up) will walk you through the process. Very easy to do.

In short, just install this on your site and some percentage of your traffic will use the search engine and buy something. You earn commissions whenever that happens. All three of the books in the engine are solid – so you can feel great recommending them.

These Clickbank products are converting well. One out of every 3 people I send to the Podcast eBook are buying it (and that’s the first link). I make $4.10 every time that happens. You can too.

It won’t put my kids through college but it is a great opportunity for the bootstrappers.

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