Adsense Versus Yahoo Publisher Network

Getting ready for Dr. Adsense’s Teleseminar on Thursday night, I wanted to do some simple number crunching. You know me, I luvs the number crunching.

I relaunched a site of mine yesterday as a directory/content site under the guidance of the late (great) Ken Giddens. He and I started the project together and with his departure, I let it sit on the shelf for awhile. Pure genius in what he does and bringing it to life was, honestly, a little haunting.

But, he wanted this thing live and at the very least, I owe him that.

We’ve been running YPN ads in some areas and Google Adsense in other areas of the project.

Yesterday, Adsense performed 3.28 times better than Yahoo (3000 impressions, so it was a good test). Today it looks like Adsense is doing even better.

I’ll run it all week (and report if I see anything different), but, wow, Adsense really is that much better. Obviously, different topics will perform differently, but, still …

We miss you Ken.

Update: Oops, typo said Adsense beat Adsense – that would be cool. Adsense beat Yahoo (and is till beating them today). Typo fixed.

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