DAPreview.Net Explains Exactly My Frustations with Microsoft

This excellent post from DaPreview.net highlights better than I ever could my frustrations with Microsoft. I, too, own a number of devices and when push comes to shove, I’m taking the iPod every time as it just makes life easier and is all that more powerful.

XP was supposed to stand for “eXPerience” – we were supposed to be able to get from our computers an experience that made the digital lifestyle worth embracing. The audio/video end of it is severly lacking, and I got nothing to make me believe that Vista will be that much better.

I’m a Microsoft MVP (for FrontPage) and a huge fan of the company but in this area, they not only seem to be severely lacking – but they also don’t seem to care. From not even “hoping” to ship Vista with Podcast support (even if you ignore it, it won’t go away) to the fact that I got no compelling reason to upgrade to the “most important version of Windows yet,” I just don’t get it anymore.

Scoble promises that things are coming:

Update: I’m getting emails from across Microsoft about podcasting initiatives underway. I love my blog’s readers. They are so connected. So, Paul, just hang out a little and you’ll see more.

I hope they come soon.

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