Timeshifting – the New Normal?

Yesterday was all about the timeshifting – and I think it is becoming the new normal.

First of all – Survivor premiered last night – or least I heard it did. We’re still on the road and I scheduled Tivo (via my phone) to “tape” it for me. We’ll catch up this weekend – fast forwarding through the commercials. Yes, we could have watched it live but we’re visiting the grandparents and, well, they’re big “Dancing with the Stars” fans. Of course, Dad did mention that a Tivo would be nice.

When I told my wife I would tell Tivo to grab Survivor, my 5 year old daughter asked if I could tape a few Doras as well. Won’t she be surprised on the car drive up today when she finds I grabbed a few from the iTunes store?

In tech news – I did a teleconference last night with Jeff Mulligan from CBmall.com. #1 email question yesterday wasn’t the call-in codes or the time, or location of notes – everyone wanted to know if it would be recorded so they could listen when they wanted to.

Who am I to say no to something like that?

Was on the phone with someone about a Podcasting initiative (I’m sure you’ll be hearing more soon). Was it the fact that iTunes would carry the show, the possibilities of Premium Podcasting, or the ease of production that really got his attention? None of the above -> he wanted is audience to be able to listen to him when and where they wanted to.

Timeshifting has been my normal for some time now. It is quickly becoming the normal for everyone else.

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