Unlimited Bandwidth for Your Podcast?

I’ve actually used HostRocket.Com Website Hosting on a number of Websites because of the recommendation of people who know Web hosting well. I.e., they don’t go down like the others do.

I can honestly tell you, I’ve been nothing but impressed with them. They also have all the cool tools – Fantastico, cPanel, etc.

How many Web hosts do you know that have a 1-800 number for support?

I also actually won an iPod from their iPod a day giveaway. Sure, that says nothing about uptime – but it sure is cool (and says that their contests are real).

Today I got an email from them and they have a new offering called “Freedom Bandwidth” which is, well, unlimited bandwidth.

I normally say that there is no such thing – and am a bit sceptical, but, if anyone could pull it off – these guys could.

And I certainly intend on giving them a run for their money.

Maybe I’ll win another iPod?

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