7 Dirty Little Video Podcast Secrets That They Hope You Don’t Figure Out

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The hype over video Podcasting is huge right now. Some of it is understandable while some of it needs to be put into perspective. Hopefully we'll do a little of that here.

First of all, hat's off to Amanda and gang. It couldn't have happened to better people. You continue to do everything right. I'm pretty proud of my prediction but am thrilled that the market thought even more of you than I do.

There is a time and place for video Podcasting. I predict one day (soon), most of my video consumption will be delivered via Podcast and I can't wait until that day comes.

But, video and audio are two different things, two different beasts. It's not that one is better than the other – it is that one is very different than the other.

As the world of Podcasting gets bigger and bigger, let's make sure we understand how these two mediums are very different from each other.

1. Nobody is ever going to watch a video Podcast as they drive to work.

    This market, and it is a huge market, can only be grabbed by audio Podcasting.

2. Nobody is ever going to go jogging with a video Podcast.

    There are a lot of other places where audio Podcasting is your only consumption option.

3. Video production is much harder than audio production.

    For us “little guys” with faces for radio, this is an important issue. If I can produce 5 hours of audio in the time it takes me to produce 5 decent minutes of video, where will/should I spend my time?

4. You can't, or at least shouldn't, be doing anything else while watching a video Podcast.

    Video demands your whole attention – audio can happen in the background. 100% mindshare is always a great goal but … sometimes you need to take what you can get.

5. Portable video will never be as comfortable as portable audio.

    As cool as my iPod Video is, I still prefer audio in the earbuds and video on my t.v. I'm not the only one.

6. HDTV (and what it will do to audience expectations) will only make video production harder while audio Podcast production is only going to get easier.

    I like what comes easy – and those looking to break into the industry might ponder the same approach.

7. It will always be easier to throw money at video by the big guys.

    My strategy has always been to fly below the radar. The competition will go for the flashy because it is, well, flashy (and looks great on the evening news). I think the big guys are going to pay a lot less attention to audio than video.


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