TWIT Joins Podshow?

Update: Looks like the question has been answered. It was sloppy reporting from Red Herring. Read the notes at the bottom of this piece to get the full story, as reported from the “Blogosphere.” Special thanks to the Podcast Brothers.

Update Soapbox: “Traditional Press” – you might want to consider getting your facts straight (or calling someone or something) before you run a story on Podcasting. I think you’ll find us Podcasters are really decent people and would be thrilled to help you get the story right. My contact information is over to the right of this page if you are interested.

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The questioned asked by Steve Holden is a good one – did Red Herring get it wrong, or is TWIT now part of Podshow?

In your typical generic “reporting” from the Podshow Press Release on the Podshow Delivery Network (PDN), Red Herring reported that:

San Francisco-based PodShow, led by podcasting pioneer Adam Curry, has about 50 of the most popular podcasts in its stable, including Mr. Curry’s own Daily Source Code, This Week in Tech, and The Dawn & Drew Show.

So, either TWIT has joined Podshow (wouldn’t be the worst move for them) and nobody cares or Red Herring hasn’t got a clue what a Podcast is and we’re so tired of the “traditional” media that nobody’s upset with the bad reporting.

Either way, things remain curious on this one.

Has TWIT joined Podshow? Does Red Herring have no clue about the difference between a Podcast and the company Podshow?

How come Steve and I are the only ones posting on this?

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