Another “Win” for the Premium Podcaster – Ricky Gervais to Audible Wordcast for Pay!

According to, the howlingly hillarious (my description, not theirs) Ricky Gervais Podcast will see season 2 as a Premium Podcast managed by the Audible Wordcast service. The cost -> $7 a month for 4 half-hour shows.

First of all, hat’s off Ricky and gang. I’ve been a fan since the “real” Office, bought a copy of Flanimals for my daughter (look it up yanks) and have considered grabbing HBO again so I can watch Extras. The guy if freakin’ hillarious and I can’t get enough of what he does. When I heard he was going to Podcast, I knew it would be a great match.

And it has been.

Also according to Bit-Tech:

The Ricky Gervais Show is to become the first paid-for Podcast.

Not even close.

I launched one more than half a year ago using Premium Podcasting and can honestly say we had the first premium podcast episode in Audible Wordcast that someone actually purchased. $30 price tag, too!

But we’ve already seen how well the press covers our space, haven’t we?

Regardless of their number in this game, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Ricky, Karl and Steve in the company of the Premium Podcaster.

I’ll say it again – people will pay for what they want. A whole industry of Podcasters who deliver just that, thrills me.

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