Gervais Premium Podcast – New Chart

People are missing this one so badly it hurts sometimes. But I guess that’s where profit is made.

Got this comment on my initial post about Gervais going paid Podcast.

In my opinion, the $7 price tag is far too steep to maintain a stable audience, especially one that sits around 300K listeners. Surely, this show is going to drop off of charts ’round the internet due to reduced listenership.

I’m reading simliar comments arond the blogosphere.

Yes, the 300k people who were listening for free won’t be able to listen for free any more and, yes, a good chunk of them (huge chunk of them) won’t want to pay. Fine, such is the marketplace.

Of course, if he gets 1 half of 1 percent to pay (he’ll do better), that’s $126k+ a year to sit around and crack jokes with his buddies.

But he’ll be on a NEW CHART – a chart of PROFITABLE PODCASTS.

The chart has a lot less people on it, but I have a lot more respect for it. I think a chunk of my readers will as well.

So, I grabbed the domain Post whatever Podcasts you know are profitable in the comments below and I’ll start a little chart of casts that “pay the bills.” I’ll also get an early list into the book.

This should be fun!

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