Speaking of Video Podcasting …

As I mentioned earlier, I’m dabbling in the video Podcasting space. The love is still the spoken word and the audio Podcast, but this one is going to help pay some bills.

But I digress …

Video content is trickier than audio content – much trickier. The smaller details don’t always make sense.

I’ve had it for some time now but today, Mike Stewart and Jim Edwards officially realeased Website Video Secrets. This 9 DVD, a CD-ROM, 1 Audio CD plus bonus package is a solid work that covers the complete story of Web video – not just how to create but what to create, etc. This is Web Video by guys who make money from Web Video (and not just in selling how to products).

You’ll want to take a look.

Full disclosure: This is An Affiliate Link and I stand to make a few bucks if a sale is made through this Blog – But I will never recommend something I don’t know/use/own myself.

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