What, So What, Now What …

Stephen Pierce

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Stephen Pierce is, and remains a master. What a pleasure to watch this guy in action and learn from a brain that will forget more about marketing in a week than I will ever learn.

Two takes home for me from his first session:

1 – He was the original mind behind the NameSqueeze, Listgrab, Shy Yes, whatever you want to call them page. It just came logically to him. I wish my mind worked like that.

2 – Action items coming home from an event. Ask these questions: What (did you learn)? So What (does it mean)? Now What (whould I do)? Brilliant as always.

Also watched Matt Bacak. Didn’t realize what a nice guy he is. Actually buying a steak dinner for 50 people tonight and, no, he hasn’t sold anything yet.

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