Another Example of Geeks Talking Podcasting Geekspeak And It Not Mattering

There is a press release over at the good people at that, well, misses the point something fierce.

And missing the point too often results in losing money.

The headline, “People Want Video Podcasts on their TVs.”

It doesn't take much intellect to realize that the only people who will want to watch video Podcasts on their TV are people who actually know what a video podcast is.

I'm at the Idea Incubator right now, smart crowd, and of those who had a Tivo, very few knew that RocketBoom was a video Podcast – they just knew that they were watching that Rocketboom show on their Tivo.

That's the future – that's what we need to worry about.

People are tired of the garbage that makes up most of the television we get these days. If hooking up our TVs to the Internet will bring us better stuff, so be it.

That's the future.

Us Video Podcasters, what we gotta do is support any technology that makes it possible for us to put our content on TV sets.

Good web designers want people looking at their sites – not browsing their HTML pages.

Good emails are delivered to Outlook, not ASCII text sent to a POP3 server.

Move from Geek to the real world.

That's where the money is.

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