Final Thoughts on Idea Incubator 06

Need to catch a cab to the airport soon. Wanted to give my final thoughts on the Idea Incubator before I do.

Empowering everyone in the room with a 7 step process to launching their own Podcast went over better than I ever could have expected. I spoke to dozens who said that they never would have even pondered launching a Podcast had they not experienced how easy it was. People have a hard time getting over the tech and when you introduce something that eliminates the tech (can’t get much easier than 1-800 to Podcast), they can get on to the important stuff, like producing content. What a thrill to watch people dart out of the room trying to find a payphone. Thank you, Gabcast.

The 123 Podcast Launch Methodology works. I’ve got some great video testimonials from people who have purchased the books, read the articles, looked at the Websites and who not only are ready to Podcast, but have realized that it is a lot easier than they thought. What more could I ask for?

Flickr rocks. For Bloggers who have ever had writers block, I ponder this question: If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, What is a Flickr Set Worth? My Flickr set for the event is here. I got God, cheesecake, and a Hispanic Podcast – what more could someone want?

Stu Mclaren is a quickly rising star in the Internet Marketing space. After this weekend, I couldn’t be happier that he’s taking the role of Affiliate Manager for the 123 Podcast Launch project. Take that needed nap my friend while I finish the sales letter and let’s get to work!

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