9 Things I Learned From Getting Naked

It's a book people, calm down … 😉

So I'm done with my second reading (yup, read this one twice) of Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal's Naked Conversations and wanted to list the top nine things I learned from it.

1. There ain't nobody out there who shouldn't consider a Blog. The English Cut story showed me that. I worked with my Dad on a Blog strategy now. You'll be reading about it soon here.

2. Choosing a Blog name with some decent terms for the search engines is a very smart idea. Did you notice this Blog has a new title?

3. Honesty does very well out here. I'm going to do everything I can to be more honest at PaulColligan.com. It's not that I've been writing lies at this point, but as I attempt to give you the real me (and what the real me things), you're going to be reading a lot more of the real me from this point on.

4. Blogs, like Podcasts, are a channel and a medium. There are some very commercial applications for Blogs and RSS that I intend on using (even more), but the channel they represent should never be confused with the unique medium that they are.

5. The honesty prescribed in this book must be met with truth in advertising. Scoble may place his cell phone on his Blog but I, honestly, don't want to be interrupted when playing minigolf with my family – even if it is ABC. We're different that way, and that's o.k.

6. We have to be careful what we bring into a book like this. When I first read the chapter “Blogs in a Crisis” (for the first three pages or so) – I thought the authors were trying to explain why this medium was in a crisis. They weren't. The chapter was about how to use Blogs in a crisis. Powerful application – I'm glad my own warped sense of things didn't get in the way. I had to ask myself, what else am I reading into things?

7. Although I don't believe the authors ever intended this, one could read this book thinking that certain results in this book never could have achieved without a Blog. Such a conclusion would be very wrong. Blogs are tools, very powerful tools, but without honest people and real companies behind these Blogs, we never would have seen such amazing results. And, let's be honest, these companies are cool enough to accomplish such great things had Blogging never been born.

8. Those who participate in the conversation will be rewarded. I admit it, I'm jealous, I wish my Blog would have been listed somewhere in this book. But you know what, I don't deserve it, I didn't participate in the conversation over at the site.

9. Blogging doesn't promise anything, but it sure doesn't hinder your chances at success. For the few stories of Blogs gone bad, I can't imagine how a little common sense in this industry would have prevented those problems.

Great job Robert/Shel. I'm sorry I missed your shindig back in January. It would have been a pleasure to have gotten Naked with a crowd instead of having only gotten Naked in a box.

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