Are Mac Users Better Podcast Consumers?

I've been having some fun with the new Feedburner stats and noticed a trend. I looked across multiple Podcasts I'm running and found something very interesting:

Millionaire Mind Video Podcast – 27%
Dr. Adsense – 24%
Marketing Online Live – 23%
PodcastTools – 18%
Affiliate Guy Podcast – 18%
Big Seminar Live – 13%

This is the percentage of my subscribers, yesterday, that were using iTunes for the Macintosh.

If we were to believe the Mac is only 5% of the market at best line, this makes Macintosh users one of the best Podcast audiences around.

Thoughts? I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing this.

P.s., for every one of these stats, #1 – iTunes Windows, #2 – iTunes Macintosh, #3 – Something else.

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