eMarketer Podcast Report – I Have a Copy

Wow, the power of the Blogosphere.

Yesterday's questioning of eMarketer's numbers in their Podcasting report resulted in a gratis copy sent to yours truly (from the author no less).

It came with this note:

Here's a copy of the eMarketer report.

I am genuinely interested in your thoughts on the advertising spend in this area and on the audience size.

I sense that you are a little impatient with the hyperbole surrounding this medium.

I thought my numbers, based upon wide research and as much hard data as there is available, turned out to be very conservative–there are people quoting numbers of over $1 billion (quoted in BusinessWeek, no less)–but you seem to think otherwise. Let me know why, it will be genuinely useful for me.

Any thoughts on the report greatly welcomed.



Mike Chapman
Editorial Director, eMarketer

You can't get more genuine that that.

Since Mike responded in good faith (and so quickly), here is my promise:

Monday I will digest it all and give you my thumbs up or thumbs down – with my reasons why. I, more than most, believe in the value of content and have no plans on helping anyone get around payment of anything worth buying.

I'll just let you know if it is worth buying 😉

So, stay tuned … now might be a great time to susbcribe to this Blog.

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