Do The Quiet Changes At iTunes Give Us A Glimpse Of What Is Ahead?

Take note of two quiet announcements:

Announcement #1 – New iTunes “Multipass” allows you to subscribe to Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” on a Premium Podcasting type of arrangement.

Announcement #2 – Rush Limbaugh’s Rush 24/7 program (already a Premium Podcast – just not an iTunes friendly one), will be made accessible through iTunes starting next Monday.

Jobs has long dimissed the concept of subscription content (of course he also once said there was no need for a video iPod) but it is obvious iTunes is heading in this direction.

Is their embracing of the far right and far left in this particular case symbolic?

You bet it is. They’re playing all sides of the field. They do that very well.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: There is Podcast as channel and Podcast as content – and we need to keep these two concepts separate.

Using the Podcast channel to deliver Stewart and Limbaugh makes perfect sense – and the money to be made from doing so is worth more than the advertising that currently supports them in their existing channel.

We’ll also see a Rush Limbaugh and a John Stewart for the medium of Podcasting. Will they be ad supported or Premium Content – we’ll soon see.

But so far, the truly successful content is going Premium Podcasting.

Why, because it is worth it – and people are willing to pay for it.

The question I have to ask is this: Will Apple let the “little guy” into their network, or will and Audible Wordcast be our only options?

Full disclosure – is my own invention and business. I’m a big fan of the concept.

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