Just Like It’s 1995 All Over Again (token TextPayMe.com pitch)

The more and more I get into what Podcasting has to offer, the more and more I have flashbacks to 1995.

Of course, I didn’t know then what I know now.

And, I now know, what I now know.

You know?

One of the great viral, money spending, goldrush era campaigns in my mind was PayPal. Back in the “old days” if you got someone to sign up for an account, they gave you $5 and they gave the guy who signed up another $5.

Now they’re a company that the banks are afraid of.

If you haven’t read the hype about Text Pay Me yet, you will. Click on over and give them a visit.

In short, it’s a way to pay friends by cell phone (something PayPal tried to do at the start). They’re giving you $5 for signing up (where have I heard that before?) Sign up takes a few minutes (they clearly beat PayPal on this one). Easy $5.

Instead of giving those who recommend $5 each, they’re giving away XBOX 360s. Refer 36 friends and you get a free XBOX.

So, make $5, check out the future, and help me get a 360. Honestly, the game part of it does little for me, but the home media connected stuff is fascinating – always wanted to play with that.

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