Bye Bye BSG (Until October at Least)

Battlestar Galactica closes season 2 tonight. 90 minute episode. Season 1 ended with a bang, I can only imagine what they’ll do tonight.

For the moment, ignore the show’s incredible production values, brilliant maturing (“revisioning” is too light of a word) of 70’s cheesefest, their first-rate examination of what makes us human (the job of scifi), their ability to bring non geek’s into the fold and the show’s pushing, on every level, what you can do on television.

Yes, the show is that good.

Yes, I’m that hooked.

Yes, starting tomorrow, withdrawls …

For this post, let’s examine how an “old media” property has embraced the new media and risen to the top as a result: This is the only show Website I have ever visited on a regular basis. The content in here is for the fans, supports the fans, and is written by fans (there is no bigger fan of sci fi than Ron Moore). This isn’t one of those “crap, kids like this show – we’re gonna have to get one of them websites. outsource it for cheap!” kina sites. All good content.

Ron Moore’s Blog: Ron’s blog is what directs me to the site now and then. He doesn’t post enough, but when he does the content is always incredible, always transparent, and always from the heart. I actually got a little misty eyed during his recent post about Lincoln.

Ron Moore’s Podcast. Frakkin’ brilliant (inside joke for the fans). This is every television producer’s dream – he almost forces us to watch the show multiple times – once without the commentary and another with (and possibly another time to let it all sink in). Ron’s recent expression over his frustrations with a certain episode was something you just, simply, never see in the “real” media.

Battlestar Galactica at iTunes: This is a show you have to watch on tv, a 2 inch screen don’t do it justice. However, for the hooked, the 2 inch version sure helps if you’re on the road. They used iTunes to give away a 30 minute sneak preview of the series as well – brilliant.

Battlestar Galactica in TV Guide: Now I don’t get TV Guide so I can’t give you experiental details here but, last week’s issue had a token to get a free episode from the iTunes music store. Talk about cross-promotion. TV Guide starts giving away TV shows. Perfect.

SciFi Updates to Cell Phone: I’m not the text-messaging audience so I’ve never tried it but think about it, fans asking to be reminded to consume your show on the one device they never go without.

I’ll be watching tonight, but not with commercials. I’ll start up Tivo about 20 minutes into it, fast forward through the commericals and catch the ending about the same time everyone else does on the West Coast.

I’d encourage you to do the same. But before you do, catch a free episode from TV Guide, follow the story online so far (from the site), read Moore’s blog to catch the passion and consider Tivoing the whole experience so you don’t have to deal with the commericials.

Of course, you’ll be able to buy it tomorrow for 2 bucks.

When the New Media is Good – the New Media is really good! Just like we welcome Bob from Idaho into the New Media, the Old Media is welcome as well – you just have to play by the New Media rules.

Just like they’re doing at Battlestar Galactica.

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