New Meme I Like Even More … Podcasters, Don’t Sell Yourself Short

I’m sure Michael ruffled some feathers with this post, but, gosh darn it, he’s right.

If you want more of the conversation, make sure you catch him and the Podcast Brothers on this week of, get this, the Podcast Brother’s Podcast. Great stuff.

So, I’ll ruffle some feathers as well. I’m gonna go on record as the reason Podcasters are willing to accept such low rates is because, deep down, they’re scared to death.

Scared to quit the dayjob.

Scared to charge what they’re really worth.

Scared one day someone will lock them up for making money having fun.

You get the idea.

But Podcasters, let me suggest something:

It is traditional media that should be scared – not you.

And, often those scared the most act the biggest to hope that nobody realizes that terror deep down inside.

Don’t let them scare you.

By the way, the people I respect the most are the ones who get paid the most for playing the most. It’s an amazing world when you actually take control of your own life.

Which is actually, despite what we want to believe, much harder than creating a Podcast (or figuring out RSS).

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